14-829: Mobile Security

14-829 / 18-638: Mobile Security - Fall 2017

Course Project: Project Pitch

Due: September 21, 2017

Description: The team will start by surveying recent literature (research papers, online media, etc.) to understand the state of the art in their chosen project area. The team will be responsible for preparing and giving a brief presentation describing their project area, the related work, and a high-level project pitch to extend beyond the state of the art. Pitch presentations will be recorded by individual teams. The presentation videos will be made available to everyone enrolled in the course for offline viewing.

  1. Determine state of the art - You'll need to perform a fairly comprehensive literature search to identify numerous sources that are related to your project. Each team should be able to find on the order of 10s to 100s of related sources, and several of the most relevent should be identified as representing the current state of the art.
  2. Ideate - The team will eventually need to formulate a project plan that builds on the previous work and advances the state of the art in some way. For this presentation, come up with 1-2 high-level ideas for your potential project directions.
  3. Pitch - Prepare and record your project pitch. Include relevant details about the project area, related work representing the current state of the art, and a high-level pitch ideas. The duration of the presentation should be roughly five (5) minutes. Create your recording in a way that it can be shared with the rest of the class.

Deliverables and Submission: One member of each team must submit a video or video link (e.g., YouTube or Drive URL, available to anyone with the link) along with a .pdf copy of the presentation slides. Submission will be via a group deliverable in Canvas with the above deadline. If multiple group members submit, the latest submission will be taken as final. All team member names should be included on the first slide of the presentation.

Grading: This project deliverable is worth 20 points: five (5) points for a description of the problem area, eight (8) points for describing related work and the state of the art in the problem area, and seven (7) points for detailing potential project ideas beyond the state of the art. We reserve the right to deduct points for improper presentation length, lack of clarify, inappropriate content, etc.

Warning: Students are expected to follow strict ethical guidelines during the course project. At no point should any malicious code be deployed or disseminated publicly. Please contact the instructor if anything is unclear or if you have any doubts.