14-829: Mobile Security

14-829 / 18-638: Mobile Security - Fall 2017

Course Project

Teams of students will work on a collaborative project for the duration of the semester. Students are responsible for forming their own teams based on common interests and/or complementary skills. Teams have the option to come up with their own suitable project topic, work on a project sponsored by an industry partner, or work on an existing research project with a CMU faculty member or researcher. In either case, student teams are encouraged to work closely with the instructor to identify a project topic. Each team will provide the following deliverables through the semester.
  • Project Pitch: As with any research project, the team will start by doing a literature survey to study the related work in their chosen project area. The team will be responsible for preparing and giving a brief presentation describing their project area, the related work, and a high-level proposal to extend beyond the state of the art. [More details]

  • Statement of Work (SoW): Once the initial background and project idea is established, teams will work to properly scope their project and identify a set of tasks/milestones to target through the semester. Each team will give a brief in-class presentation of their expected project tasks and outcomes in a SoW presentation and submit a corresponding report. [More Details]

  • Progress report: About three-quarters of the way through the course, teams will prepare and give a brief presentation to update their progress toward their expected outcomes, discuss any roadblocks or challenges faced, present any changes to the SoW, and give a brief demonstration if appropriate. [More details]

  • Final Presentation and Report: Eeach team will present their final project outcomes, including a brief demonstration if time permits, as final presentations are strictly limited in time. Each team will also submit a final report detailing their project goals and outcomes, including a conference-style paper, a conference-style poster, and a demo video. [More details]
Specific details of the team deliverables will be discussed in class prior to each deadline, and slide and report templates and examples will be made available on Canvas.

Submission Instructions: All submissions should be made via Canvas. For group submissions, at least one member of each team should submit on behalf of the group; if multiple group members submit a group deliverable, the latest submission will be taken as final. All team member names should be included on the first page/slide of each deliverable.

Warning: Students are expected to follow strict ethical guidelines during the course project. At no point should any malicious code be deployed or disseminated publicly. Please contact the instructor and TAs if anything is unclear or if you have any doubts.