14-850: INSuRE Cybersecurity Research

14-850: INSuRE Cybersecurity Research - Fall 2017

Course Project: Peer Review (individual, 2x)

Due: November 3, 2017, and December 8, 2017

Description: In addition to the group project deliverables, each individual student in the class will complete two peer-review assignments, one targeting the progress report and one targeting the final report. For each of these peer reviews, students will perform a critical-yet-constructive review of a draft report prepared by a different project team. Each peer review must include the following:
  1. A summary or re-statement of the project work and contributions as understood by the reviewer,
  2. Critical comments and constructive recommendations to authors about the effectiveness of their written report from the reviewer's perspective, including comments about what was and was not easy to understand.
  3. Questions or recommendations to authors about what is missing from the report or what additional information would improve the content or presentation of the report.

Deliverables and Submission: For each peer review, each student must submit their review as a .pdf file by the corresponding deadline. Submission will be via an individual deliverable in Canvas. Make sure your name is included in every file.

Grading: Each individual peer review is worth a total of 10 points: two (2) points for summarizing the report, five (5) points for contructive comments about the report content, and three (3) points for recommendations of additional content to improve the report.