14-850: INSuRE Cybersecurity Research

14-850: INSuRE Cybersecurity Research - Fall 2017

Course Project: Project Final Report and Presentation (group)

Due: December 8, 2017

Description: The final report will include comprehensive written documentation of your entire project in the standard form of a technical conference or journal paper, including motivation, problem statement, methodology, evaluation and/or experimentation, discussion of results, summary of open problems and future work, and conclusions. The report should contain an informative, stand-alone abstract that explicitly states the accomplishments and results of the work. As part of the final report, each team will also submit a conference-style poster that gives a visually-appealing summary of the project work. Each team will present their work in class in a conference-style presentation that includes enough detail for the audience to understand the problem, the approach, and the contributions. Final presentations will be in class on December 8, and the written report and poster will be due on the same day.

  1. Write a paper! - The primary deliverable for the entire course is the final project report, which will largely resemble a conference or journal paper, including several of the components developed throughout the semester. Submitting the paper to a conference or journal is not required, but it may be an option depending on how your project turned out.
  2. Make a poster! - In addition to the paper, each team will make a visually appealing poster that highlights the problem and project work. Submitting the poster to a conference poster session or other event may be an option as well.
  3. Present your work! - During the final weeks of class (possibly including final exam week), each team in the INSuRE courses across participating organizations will give a conference-style presentation to the rest of the teams.

Deliverables and Submission: At least one member of the team should submit .pdf versions of the project final report, poster, and presentation slides via Canvas by the above deadline; if multiple group members submit, the latest submission will be taken as final. All team member names should be included on the first page of the final report and on the first slide of the presentation. Please note, the final report document and presentation slides will be archived on the PURR repository and available to all current and future students, instructors, and sponsors involved in INSuRE course offerings across multiple universities and organizations. As such, students should refrain from including any sensitive personal or proprietary information in their project artifacts.

Grading: The in-class final presentation deliverable is worth 40 points: six (6) points for a complete and concise problem statement and description, six (6) points for a quick summary of the original and modified project goals and outcomes, six (6) points for details of the challenges faced and how they were addressed, ten (10) points for a summary of overall contributions, four (4) points for highlighting selected results from the work, and eight (8) points for discussing conclusions and future work. The final poster deliverable is worth 10 points: four (4) points for including a concise project description, three (3) points for appropriate use of graphics, and three (3) points for the summary of contributions. The final project report deliverable is worth 50 points: six (6) points for an appropriate abstract, eight (8) points for properly motivating the project and approach, four (4) points for the problem statement or hypothesis, eight (8) points for describing the technical approach, six (6) points for suitable evaluation or experimentation, six (6) points for discussion and interpretation of the results, four (4) points for summary of open problems and future work, four (4) points for conclusions, and four (4) points for sufficient and appropriate use of references.