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PitchIn: Eavesdropping via Intelligible Speech Reconstruction using Non-Acoustic Sensor Fusion

Wide deployment of activity sensors in mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, smart TV remotes, gaming controllers) and environmental/structural sensors in smart buildings and cities opens up opportunities for intelligent attacks. We find that an attacker may be able to leverage a network of sensors to launch an eavesdropping attack. Specifically, we investigate the feasibility of leveraging a network of non-acoustic sensors (e.g., geophone, accelerometer, or gyroscope) to reconstruct intelligible speech signals. However, the main challenge involved is unlike acoustic sensors that sample at high sampling frequency (> 5 KHz), typical applications using non-acoustic sensors sample at much lower frequencies. To address this challenge, we make use of distributed form of Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Conversion (TI-ADC) to approximate an overall high sampling frequency, while maintaining low per-node sampling frequency. Hence we reconstruct an intelligible speech signal from a fusion of non-acoustic sensory data across networked devices.

PitchIn Overview

Demo Video Clips

Demo 1: Individual non-acoustic sensors (without any fusion) are already responsive to human speech. However, signals are only intelligible when sampled at a high sampling rate. Following are four recordings of the same word sampled at 1, 2, 4, and 8 KHz, respectively. Try to guess what the word is after listening to the recordings. (Hint: It is the name of a company.)

Single geophone sampled at 1 KHz.

Single geophone sampled at 2 KHz.

Single geophone sampled at 4 KHz.

Single geophone sampled at 8 KHz.

Demo 2: Fused non-acoustic sensors using PitchIn attack increase the overall sampling rate of the reconstructed signal.

Following are three recordings of the same word reconstructed by fusing 2, 4, and 8 nodes, when sampling at 1 KHz each, yielding an overall sampling rates of 2, 4, and 8 KHz, respectively.

Try to guess what the word is after listening to the recordings. Hint: It is a number.

Two geophones each sampled at 1 KHz.

Four geophones each sampled at 1 KHz.

Eight geophones each sampled at 1 KHz.

More Demo Video and Audio Clips

Several video/audio clips corresponding to the experimental results in the paper are available in a shared Google Drive folder. The clips demonstrate spectrogram reconstructions of the spoken word "apple" using the open source audio editor Audacity.

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