14-829: Mobile Security

14-829 / 18-638: Mobile Security - Fall 2017

Course Project - Progress Update

Due: November 9

Description: About three-quarters of the way through the course, teams will prepare and give a brief presentation to update their progress toward their expected outcomes, discuss any roadblocks or challenges faced, present any changes to the SoW, and give a brief demonstration if appropriate.

  1. Review your progress - At this point in the semester, you should be making significant progress toward your project goals. Go back to your SoW schedule, and gauge your project performance compared to your plan. Determine whether you're on track or if things are not going as planned. Have you faced any expected or unexpected challenges? Did something go wrong? Did you find something was more difficult than you expected? All of these are normal, but now is the time to revise or rescope your project goals.
  2. Modify your SoW - If anything didn't go as planned (which is normal and expected), make an effort to revise your original project goals in your statement of work to reflect the work you have done since the previous SoW deliverables were created. Update any relevant aspects and prepare to discuss these changes.
  3. Present your progress update - Prepare a presentation that includes a brief overview of your project, a discussion of any challenges or issues you faced, and a summary of your revised project plan (tasks, goals, milestones, schedule, etc.). Create a video recording of your team presenting or discussing your progress updates. The duration of the presentation should be roughly 8-10 minutes. Create your recording in a way that it can be shared with the rest of the class.

Deliverables and Submission: One member of each team must submit a video or video link (e.g., YouTube or Drive URL, available to anyone with the link) along with a .pdf copy of the presentation slides. Submission will be via a group deliverable in Canvas with the above deadline. If multiple group members submit, the latest submission will be taken as final. All team member names should be included on the first slide of the presentation.

Grading: This project deliverable is worth 20 points: four (4) points for the brief project overview, eight (8) points for a detailed discussion of challenges/issues faced, and eight (8) points for a detailed summary of the revised project plan. We reserve the right to deduct points for improper presentation length, lack of clarify, inappropriate content, etc.

Warning: Students are expected to follow strict ethical guidelines during the course project. At no point should any malicious code be deployed or disseminated publicly. Please contact the instructor if anything is unclear or if you have any doubts.