14-829: Mobile Security

14-829 / 18-638: Mobile Security - Fall 2017

Course Project - Statement of Work

Due: written SoW due October 17, 2017, in-class presentation up to a week earlier

Description: Once the initial background and project idea is established, teams will work to properly scope their project and identify a set of tasks/milestones to target throughout the semester. The project Statement of Work (SoW) has two deliverables: an in-class presentation and a written SoW document.

  1. Scope your project - As part of the SoW, you'll need to determine the breadth and depth of your efforts within your chosen problem space. This will include determining reasonable models and assumptions for any relevant systems, adversaries, etc. as well as realistic parameters for your study.
  2. Set your goals - Once you've scoped your efforts, you'll need to determine a concrete set of goals that you hope to achieve during the semester-long project. This could take the form of a list of tasks that each team member will work on or a set of group milestones (not just presentations and reports), but in either case, a tentative schedule of goals should be established. You should also consider potential risks and relevant backup plans.
  3. Present your SoW - Each team will arrange their SoW efforts into an in-class presentation. The presentation should include a brief overview of the problem area, the specific project focus, the set of tasks/milestones, the schedule, and a discussion of risks and backup plans.
  4. Write up your SoW plan - Each team will also arrange their SoW efforts into a more formally written SoW document. The document should mostly include the same content as the presentation, but in far more detail, including discussion of background and related work; project goals, tasks, and schedule; risks and backup plan; an outline of individual team member responsibilities; and a budget for any hardware, software, services, etc. that will be needed for your project.

Deliverables and Submission: The SoW component of the project has two separate deliverables. For the SoW presentation, the team will present during class on October 10, October 12, or October 17; the order of presentations will be set shortly before these dates. One member of each team must submit a .pdf copy of the presentation slides to the corresponding group deliverable in Canvas by October 17. For the written SoW, a single .pdf document should be submitted to the corresponding deliverable in Canvas by October 17. For both deliverables, if multiple group members submit, the latest submission will be taken as final. All team member names should be included on the first page/slide of each deliverable.

Grading: The in-class presentation deliverable is worth 20 points: two (2) points for reiterating the high-level problem area, five (5) points for a detailed description of the focused project topic, seven (7) points for outlining the project goals and timeline, and six (6) points for detailing potential project risks and backup plans. The written SoW deliverable is also worth 20 points: one (1) point for a concise project abstract, two (2) points for a clear problem statement, two (2) points for briefly summarizing related work (with proper references), three (3) points for a clear and concise description of project goals, one (1) point for outlining team responsibilities, three (3) points for a detailed project plan, two (2) points for a clear outline of project deliverables, two (2) points for a project schedule, two (2) points for discussing potential issues and backup plans, and two (2) points for the project budget. For both deliverables, we reserve the right to deduct points for lack of clarity, inappropriate content, improper length, etc.

Warning: Students are expected to follow strict ethical guidelines during the course project. At no point should any malicious code be deployed or disseminated publicly. Please contact the instructor if anything is unclear or if you have any doubts.